Monday, February 27, 2006

Kosher Restaurant Review

1123 Quentin Road
(Corner of E. 12th Street)
Flatbush, Brooklyn
(718) 382-8360
Sun. - Thurs.: 10 am - 2 am
Fri.: 10 am - 2 hrs. before Shabbos
Motzei Shabbos: 1 hr after Shabbos - 2 am

Cuisine: Modern Italian and Continental
Avg. Check (PP) w/o drinks: $15 - $25
Attire: Casual

When owners Mordy and Benny wanted to open up a tropical paradise 3 years ago, they wanted their customers to experience a vacation to a beautiful and exotic island. When they realized that would probably be too expensive and quite impossible, they decided to bring the tropics to Brooklyn. And have they ever!

The theme at Amazon Cafe is fairly obvious the minute you walk through the front door. Whether it’s the tall palm trees, the artistic and natural looking waterfall paintings on the walls or the clear blue sky on the ceiling, you get this feeling that you have been transported to the Amazon rain forest. You don’t need to wear a bow-tie or feel uncomfortable about coming in shorts to this restaurant. The staff will always treat you like you’re on a getaway in this easy-going cafe. Outdoor dining during the spring and summer months allows you to further enjoy the fresh and cool air.

Not only is the ambiance impressive but so is their food. Their chef supervises everything personally and guarantees the best quality. When you first come in, you are greeted with a basket of warm sesame and garlic bread. Some popular items are their generous-sized and crunchy Chop Chops salad, succulent Chilean Sea Bass and Linguini Primavera which is combined with several delicious sauteed vegetables.

A great variety of pizza, pasta and fish dishes are what makes Amazon Cafe so popular all day long. From breakfast in the early morning until late night dinners, the place is always buzzing- even getting the reputation as the “first date” place.

With a fully stocked bar, it’s a great place to unwind with a bottle of wine, a fresh fruit shake, an excellent coffee or a delicious Italian meal. Whether it’s warm or cool outside, you’ll always get that calming feeling at Amazon Cafe.

-Great Kosher Restaurants


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What happens when you take low IQ waiters, super rude owners and managers and high priced priced mediocre food?
You guess it - amazon cafe :)

go to sunflower or even crawfords instead.

7:18 AM  

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