Monday, February 27, 2006

Kosher Army Innovator Retires

Chaplain Who Brought Kosher to US Defense Forces to Retire

(New York) Rabbi David Lapp, head of the Jewish Welfare Board’s Jewish Chaplains, who was responsible for bringing kosher food to US servicemen, is retiring after 24 years. The father of three and grandfather of 10 will remain at his post until a replacement is found. As was covered by Kosher Today, Lapp helped the Army provide ready-to-eat kosher meals for soldiers in the field. Before 1990, kashrut-observant soldiers had to make do with regular military rations, Lapp said, eating what they could, swapping the rest with other soldiers when possible. He also helped thousands of Jewish servicemen enjoy the Passover Seder, including the first Passover service in Baghdad in 2003 after Saddam Hussein was ousted. Lapp served in Vietnam in 1966-67 as deputy field force chaplain, ministering to troops assigned to two divisions in II Corps Highlands Area. He retired from active duty in 1982 with the rank of colonel.

-Kosher Today


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